Why choose JPI?

»Our Focus
Joynt Packaging International (JPI) is an energetic, responsive company providing a wide range of flexible packaging products and services to our customers. Our focus is providing flexible packaging expertise to small and medium-sized companies, helping them to put well-designed, high quality, cost-effective packaging around their products.

For companies without dedicated packaging departments or personnel, Joynt Packaging International is the smart choice. With particular expertise in medical and pet food barrier packaging, JPI provides complete flexible packaging services from initial consultation to package design, manufacturing and delivery of your finished product. We are a dedicated team of service and technical professionals employing the latest technologies and materials to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective flexible packaging.

Think of us as your company’s own packaging department.

» Barrier Packaging Specialists
Joynt Packaging International specializes in the use and application of barrier packaging films. We work closely with our material suppliers to offer our clients cost-effective packaging films for a wide array of critical applications.

We have the expertise to design custom laminations for almost any specialized packaging need. From pet food barrier packaging that helps maintain nutritional content and freshness to the critical barrier packaging required for life-saving medical devices, if your packaging requires the highest-quality barrier film, Joynt Packaging can provide it.

» Medical Product Barrier Packaging Experts
Joynt Packaging International is a key supplier of barrier packaging films and pouches to the medical medical device industry. These critical applications require very specific and unyielding barrier properties. Joynt Packaging International works closely with product engineers and quality control staff to ensure that the barrier packaging we supply for these medical life saving products is of the highest quality and reliability.

» Pet Food Packaging Experts
Whether a single SKU or a dozen, Joynt Packaging International understands the complexities of this growing retail segment and can suggest cost-effective materials specific to your needs. From 1lb trial packages to 30 lb bulk packages, Joynt Packaging is your one source for innovative packaging ideas and designs.

» Plasto-Sac, Ltd.
Joynt Packaging International serves as the exclusive North American representative for Plasto-Sac, Ltd., for all products sold to the rubber & tire industry. Plasto-Sac, Ltd. is Israel’s premier manufacturer of polyolefin blown film and creative packaging solutions. Who is Plasto-Sac? Read more about Plasto-Sac here.